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portrait magique
un modèle modèle!
bon we

Écrit par : Daniel | 29/03/2009

folklore photos contest This is Yang from China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA), organizer of the Humanity Photo Award (HPA), the ONLY worldwide folklore photo contest. It is aimed to everyone who loves folkore cultures. This year, HPA is co-organized with the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Comittee (GUAGOC) and UNESCO.
In addition to the contest, CFPA will organize a folklore exhibition in the Guanghzou Asian Village for the 16th Asian Games. We hope we can include most of the countries in the World.
It is an unmissable chance for us to promote the folklore cultures of each countries. We have received a lot of photos from different countries so far but we are still missing photos from your country, so if you or any of your friends would like to promote the culture of your country, take a chance and feel free to join this contest.

You will find all the contest information on : http://www.china-fpa.org

I stay at your entire disposal for any further information.

Best regards

Zhang Yang
HPA office director
Email: hpa2009@china-fpa.org

Écrit par : yang | 31/03/2009

Salut, Ca peut eventuellement être interressant.Merci!!

bonne soirée

Écrit par : Bruno | 31/03/2009

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